Blazer Top & Acid Wash Jeans

Blazer- Thrift; Jeans- BDG; Heels-F21 

Hello lovelies! It's been a while and I'm so glad to be back‚Ķrecently I have been making it a point to start everyday fresh, not carrying yesterday's problems into the next and not bombarding myself with social media, emails, text messages and phone calls first thing when I wake up. It's crazy that in our daily morning routine, checking our phones and devices are subconsciencely the first action we take before even putting two feet on the ground or making the slow walk to the bathroom. I'd noticed that I had been partaking in this activity way too cassually. There are so much more important things to take care of before all of that. 

Now, when I first open my eyes I make a point to thank God for waking me up and I go through in my mind all of what I am blessed and thankful for. I declare greatness over my day and my family. I shower and eat. When I wake up like this, taking time for myself, recognizing and appreciating my time and space... the day is so much more positive and fulfilling. I have a purposeful attitude and tingling sense of motivation. I challenge you to try it! 



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